All these new things I am learning about blogging! I have seen the mysterious “SBQ” (Stitcher’s Blogging Question) on other blogs. I know this is last week’s q, but hey, I’m just getting up and running here:

Are you on “The Wagon?” If so, how long have you been on and how
“serious” are you about it? If not, have you considered it?

I’m not really on the wagon. However, I don’t have a crazy amount of stash (well, DH may disagree, but compared to most stitchers, I’m pretty tame). I try to be realistic about buying only charts I truly think I will finish, and the thought of a closet full of them kinda stresses me out – it feels like a burden to have all these projects I want to do, but don’t have time to do.

That said, I did buy three (well, bought two got 1 free) patterns from Cross Stitch Pattern Gallery. Will I finish all three? No. Will I finish any of them? Possibly, but right now they are purely for ogling and dreaming about. Maybe I should rethink my wagon status…


Countdown to Cambria

Cambria Pines Rug Hooking Camp is just around the corner! I am toiling away on my rug that I started last year at camp, my Wiley and Paloma rug. I will tell the story of W&P soon, they were a lovely couple of bunnies whom I miss very much.

Wiley & Paloma Rug

The design is based on a photo of them in that exact pose. The flowers represent their love for each other (I know that sounds corny). Wiley brought joy to Paloma when she had been without it for a long time, and Paloma brought comfort to Wiley when his health got delicate.

The flowers are very bright, and I am hoping that they don’t just look like a big blob-o-color when the background is fully in. Next weekend I am going to see my old hooking teacher, Nancy Miller, and I am eager to get her thoughts on the rug. I have to have it finished by the first week in June – hooked, pressed, bound and labeled – to make it into the rug show at camp. I’ve got some serious amounts of hooking left to do!

A Bunny Named Violet

A couple of weeks after Bonnie took the bunny, she called me. “She is getting mighty cute – you’d better come and get her before I get too attached.” The adorable little fuzzball came home with me. She was tiny – I made a cave for her in her cage out of a cloth lunchbag – and so sweet, that I named her Violet.

One thing I had to learn was that tiny rabbits can jump really high – and they are very curious. I put Violet in the bathroom while I was cleaning her cage (she was so tiny I was afraid I would lose her if I let her loose in my room). When I came to get her, her back feet and tail were all wet, and not with pee. The only thing that could of happened was that she hopped into the toilet – and luckily back out! The toilet lid remained closed after that. However, she did try her luck in the bathtub once. I was having a pleasant soak, and Violet launched herself right in. I was flattered that she wanted to be with me, but not too thrilled about the scratches on my leg and the angry bunny flicking her wet feet all over the bathroom.

Things got more interesting at about three months of age. My sweet little girl started spraying and circling my feet. She had morphed into a hormonal little boy! Neutering solved the behavior problem, but there was still the issue of his name. Instead of starting over, “Violet” was shortened to “Vi” (pronounced like the letter “v”). A good, strong name for a feisty little fellow, equal parts bossy and charming.

Chanel and Vi Vi introducing himself to Chanel the cat

An Introduction

This is Vi.

When did I fall in love with bunnies? The minute I saw this one. In September of 1993 I was working at Project Wildlife in San Diego. A young man came to the door with a tiny creature in his hand. It was a baby rabbit he had found outside, in the jaws of his cat. He assumed that it was a wild rabbit, as did I. When Bonnie, the cottontail expert, came to take her, she took one look and knew that she was domestic rabbit. Not relishing the idea of having to find a home for her, Bonnie was reluctant to take her on. I took a long look at the tiny fuzzball, eyes not yet open, thrusting her front feet out defiantly in the palm of my hand. I told Bonnie that if she could nurse her back to health, I’d keep her. How could I have known what an impact this little animal would have on my life?

I am new to blogging, and this is my first post. I am looking forward to learning more about how to use WordPress and personalize my blog. For now, I am just introducing you to my site here. It will primarily be about my crafting, which is mostly needlework and rug hooking, although I often get a “wild hare” and try other things as well. I am definitely a Jill of all trades and master of none!

I will post more of my bunny tales, and I welcome visitors and comments.