I’m so excited – I signed up for the October Retreat at the Elegant Stitch!

I was looking into going to the EGA Annual Seminar in Chicago but that would have been extremely pricey, and at least five days away from home. That cuts into either work time or sacrificing other vacation time, so that wasn’t going to work.

But, I found out about the Elegant Stitch retreat…and part of the project is a bunny with a measuring tape that comes out of his behind (I wish more useful things came out of my real bunnies behinds – cotton balls, roses, sunshine, buttons, anything but more rabbit poo!) Anyway, it seemed like fate, so I spoke with Lois on the phone and she was delightful, and I signed right up.

And I’m at t-minus 6 days till Cambria…


Plugging Away

With my bunny rug away this week, I’ve gotten quite a bit done on other projects. I’ve been plugging away on the French Knot bunny, although it isn’t going to be done in time for Cambria. Oh well. I’ll be binding the rug, and hopefully I’ll even get the twill tape and label on the back before we hit the road, I’ll just have to see. As long as it’s bound and looks finished from the front, I’m happy.

I also finished the Paloma pages in my bunny memory album…I was dragging my feet but now with my craft room up and running (I’ll have to wax poetic about my craft room one of these days – I love it!!) it is so much easier to follow through on projects. Even little mending projects – my sewing machine is right there and it takes about a minute to get it up and running. Before it was in the closet, and the thought of getting it out of there was enough to turn me off from working on stuff. I even fray-checked the edge of one of my rugs (Esmeralda, I think) because I didn’t want to pull out the sewing machine to zig-zag the edge, tsk, tsk.

I have also been working on my needlepoint monkey, Castle Coch Monkey by Beth Russell. I think it’s petit point, I will have to see exactly what the definition is (how many stitches per inch?). It’s fun but a lot of the colors on the painted canvas are close.

I’ll try to get some updated pics up here soon.

A Slight Stall

I started binding my bunny rug last night at my RH class, and ran into a bit of a snag. I am using two different colors of binding to match the edge of the rug, and one of those colors, the green, really didn’t match. So, the rug is with my teacher and she is re-dying the yarn to match. I still have plenty of time to get it done for Cambria.

I am making great progress on my french knot bunny, which I also want done in time for Cambria. I think it will be a pin.

Here is my stitching buddy, Billy. He always asks if he can join me on the couch, but is always miffed at how little room I give him. Here he is with his nose out of joint.

Silly boy!

The Rug is Hooked!

I am very, very happy about that! It’s 4:45, time to call it a day and head on over to the craft room to trim and zig-zag the edge of the Wiley & Paloma rug. I can’t block it until Sunday – I’m bringing it to my teacher Linda’s event tomorrow night for her rug hooking booth, then I am with my RH friends on Saturday and will show if off there, so Sunday is the first day I can block it and then let it rest for a couple of days so it dries flat.

I will be bringing something other than hooking on Saturday – I need a break, especially with Cambria around the corner! Probably my french knot bunny embroidery:

I’d like to have this done for Cambria as well, since it was a mini-class I took there last year. I am using 2 strands of DMC with a double-wrap knot for the background, 1 strand double knot for the veggies, and 1 strand single knot for the rabbit. I like how detailed that makes it, but the bunny isn’t as tall as the background, which isn’t ideal. Oh well, live and learn!


Well, that was a Monday.

I do know how lucky I am to work for myself, but sometimes there are a lot of balls in the air!  I am still riding high from my near finish of my Wiley and Paloma rug at my rug hooking guild GTG on Saturday. A few more tweaks, then blocking and binding and it will be done. I’ll post a photo once it’s complete, and you’ll also hear me crowing from the rooftops…

More Updating

This blog is definitely making me get my online life in order. My photo saga began last week with me not being able to upload new photos to Webshots. I really liked Webshots – it was easy to use, nicely organized, and free. But, I was getting a little irritated that whenever I tried to upload jpgs, I got an “invalid file type” message. Huh? The only way to contact them was to become a paid member. So I said nuts to that and switched to Flickr.

After uploading a bunch of photos, Flickr tells me that to have more than three “sets” (albums), I have to become a paid member. I can handle paying for membership, it does only seem fair. But, if I’m going to plunk down some change, I want to make sure that I am happy with the site. So, after consulting with DH, I have settled down at Smugmug. It is not the cheapest site ($39.95/year), but the features are awesome, and the ability to choose different backgrounds appeals to the designer in me.

My Needlework album is up, and as I was typing in the captions, I took a little walk down memory lane. Does anyone remember this challenge?

I think this was from the rec.crafts.textile message board, back in ’96, ’97, ’98? The challenge was to make a badge to identify yourself as an online needleworker if you went to shows or get-togethers. That was just the beginning – look how far we’ve come, baby! I can’t even imagine what it would be like to not have my online needlework friends who are so encouraging, inspiring, and fun to hang out with…the internet astounds me.


Fiona came home from the vet last night – yay! She has a cyclical issue with, er, messiness that is resolved with the bunny version of a brazilian wax (of course, she is shaved, not waxed, but you get the picture). Now we get to harass her with twice daily ointment application, poor girl.

I have been playing with my Flickr account – apparently I already had one, but now it has photos uploaded to it! You can email photos to your account – how cool is that? I need to do some sorting and annotating, but right now I have a little rabbit to harass…