New Course

Just got the book for my next EGA course, “Finishing with Flair”. It teaches hemstitching, lacing and other techniques. I’ll have to see if I have enough fabbie to use for the samples – I was hoping to use some of my completed work, but each one needs to be 8 x 10″ and most of my pieces are smaller than that, bummer.

I need to get back to the Drawn Thread Sampler. I’ve been getting some stitching in on Arabesques and Castille Coch Monkey, but my back has been twitchy so I haven’t been up to digging into a project that requires more time.


WIP Update

As long as I am working on my birthday, I may as well be working on something fun…like a WIP update!

This is the Beginning Drawn Thread Sampler from EGA I am working on. One band of drawn work done, two more to go! It went pretty well and wasn’t too hard, but boy you just don’t want to make any mistakes. There are instructions for what to do if you accidentally cut a vertical thread. Instruction 1 should be “start over”, because that would probably be the least painful way to proceed…

I am not loving the pink – I am no fan of pastels – but it was required to use a light, medium and dark color, so there you go.

This is Arabesques from my 10 Project list. I’m getting there! For some reason, cross stitch takes me much longer than anything else, it seems. This is very pretty in person, the color is very subtle against the fabric (which is Aida-like, but not quite). At the bottom you can see that I actually stitched it to my frame. I won’t show you the top, where I stitched it on backwards (and then wondered how to get the tension correct – d’oh!) so, lesson learned. Take the time to figure out which way the bar is going on the frame, and stitch accordingly.

And lastly (I do have other WIPs, but we’ll leave those for another time). I have a real finish – I put the clay backing on my French Knot Bunny pin. It looks good, we’ll see if it has any staying power. 😉