So Close

I did a big push on my Arabesques cross stitch yesterday – I am so close to done! I easily could have finished it today, but decided to redo the bookshelves instead (who could resist the excitement!?) Four hours later, they are done and look great, and there is a pile of books ready to go to the used book store. This afternoon we were invited to a wine tasting event in Clarksburg. It was on the grounds of a beautiful house, the weather was perfect, and the wine was really good – some wineries we will definitely have to look out for. So am I ready to buckle down and count threads tonight? Yeah right, if I hadn’t had that final taste of Muscat…


Yeah, September!

I am always glad when fall rolls around. The weather starts to get bearable (although we’ve had a gorgeous summer with the exception of this past 100 degree week!), and things feel like they are in full swing.

I had a great visit with my dad and stepmom a couple of weeks ago. Dad and I spent the weekend in his garage woodworking shop. I had bought a small fold-down footstool at Cambria in June, shown here:


Very handy for rug hooking but kinda…homely. My dad has a beautiful sense of style and knows how to work with wood, so we are creating a mahogany/ebony version with rare earth magnets to click the legs into the standing position. It’s gonna be the Cadillac version, and because of the heavy, dense woods we used, it’s kinda like the Escallade version. A little counterintuitive to the portability, but it will be quite the regal throne for my feet at camp. I told dad to expect lots of orders once I show that baby off. I’ll post pics here when it’s done, but my master woodworker is taking some time off in Italy – the nerve!