My poor crafty bunnies have been languishing! This is the most busy time of year for work, plus all the holiday obligations uh, joy, makes me very crabby and uncrafty.

My Drawn Thread sampler GCC is due Saturday, but I seem to be in the vast majority who don’t have it done, and the teacher is completely AWOL, so I’m not stressing about finishing it (I think we’ll get an extension, anyway). I’m on the last band, and can I just say, the instructions basically suck? I can’t tell if I’m supposed to be knotting on the back or the front. That is information that should be quite clear, yet no one else in the GCC seems to know either. I started it on the back (which another person did and it worked out), so on the back it’s gonna stay. However, I have pulled some knots too tight and the fabric is puckering. I wonder if pressing it will cure all ills, as it does in rug hooking? Hmm…