Easy Sunday

Work has been pretty intense lately, which of course means there is no time for the gym, which of course means my pants are now tight. Oh, the humanity! I just did Jillian Michael’s 30 Day Shred video – whew, that outta make a difference (if I do it everyday for thirty days, that is. And stop eating pie).

I’ve been plugging along with my crafting projects, some old, some new. I decided to not complete my second GCC, Finishing with Flair. It just wasn’t happening. The main reason I wanted to take the course was to learn to lace (for framing pieces). Then I just ordered some Kreinik archival mounting tape, so…yeah.

My Unicorn needlepoint is so close to done, and I am running out of the green background. Luckily, I had the same color from my Rabbit cushion needlepoint, but unluckily it is slightly to dark. Luckily, Ehrman Tapestry will supply more wool to finish a kit, but unluckily, this kit is from 1993 so the chances they have the same dyelot are pretty nonexistent. Stay tuned…

I am also thisclose to finishing the binding on my goat rug, I made my one and only Teresa Wentzler piece into a door hanger, and I’m felting away on my little hooked bird pieces. And, I am turning one wall in my craft room into a salon-style gallery. I’d better start taking some photos