These are recent (as in, 2008) completes. They could be called finishes, but that term is also used when just the stitching is done, so to avoid confusion I will try consistently to call them completes.

This is my first and only Teresa Wentzler. Her designs are gorgeous, but a little tedious to create because of all the 1/4 and 1/2 stitches and all the color blending. Maybe someday I will have the necessary patience (and brainpower) required to do another…anyway, I finished Stretch into a long lavendar sachet. I had a lot of fun with the border – I twisted, stitched and wrapped a bunch of funky fibers together to form a loose cording. The picture below shows that better, along with the tail that I added beads and charms to…I”m getting into this beading thing, I think this was my first attempt.

My next complete is the W Arabesque, which now hangs on the dining room wall. I’m very happy with the framing job.

I got this framed at the same time. It now hangs on my salon wall in the craft room:

My last complete is my little mermaid jewelry box. I bought the canvas, fibers and box in Cambria in June at Flying Fuzzies. She was a fun, quick project – I enjoyed working with the glittery fibers in her hair and tail. I considered putting beads in her tail, but they just stuck way up and looked odd.


Big ‘Ole List

I have been doing a much better job of finishing projects than I have been about blogging. Here is a list of finishes I need to photograph and post:

– Mermaid jewelry box

– Unicorn needlepoint

– Castle Coch Monkey needlepoint

– Stretch door hanger

– “W” Arabesque, framed

– Bunny Sampler, framed

– 4 hooked/felted sachets

– 1 felted Halloween doorhanger (that has gone on to its intended recipient)

– random beaded fobs (because I needed a new hobby)

And I need to throw in a few posts about current WIPs. My 10 project list that I started…2 years ago is down to its final piece. Although, I see here on my blog it has morphed into a 5 project list and I still have a few to go. No problem-o, and I might as well make it a true 10 project list again, anyway!