Fiona’s video

We currently have three bunnies: Hank, who has been with us for 12 years, and sisters Nora and Fiona, who have been with us since they were wee babies, five years ago.

Fiona, Nora, Hank

Fiona, Nora, Hank

Fiona’s leg, which sticks out to the side, is from an injury she received while at the shelter (she and Nora were born there, after a large-scale rescue brought in a huge number of rabbits). Her hip was dislocated, and since she was just a few days old when it happened, her muscles and tendons simply compensated. By the time I adopted them, there was no way to fix it – her body had changed too much.

Fiona is a very happy camper, and unfazed by her somewhat unconventional configuration. She runs, she jumps, she bosses me around. What has happened to her over the years, however, is that her left back leg has been shifting, and is now almost as flat as the right leg. It isn’t dislocated – we’ve taken xrays – but it is troubling, and after a talk with my vet, we are trying to come up with some sort of device that might help ease the strain on her joints, and lift her butt up a little so she isn’t putting pressure on her lower abdomen. To put the word out to the vets at K-9 Carts, I put together this video of Fiona in motion.

I’m curious to see if we are able to come up with something for her (and if she’ll put up with it).