Let the WIPocalypse begin!

I may be starting a month late, but at least I’ve got organization on my side. I mutated my 10 Project Challenge list into my WIPocalypse list (see sidebar). All projects are cataloged, photographed and ready to be called to duty:
Reindeer rug 010812The reindeer rug is so close to done I can taste it! I only rug hook on Tuesday evenings, so I’m still a few weeks out from being done. I’m not doing the outside border.

Walker bench seatAlso rug hooking, this is a bench seat. Sooo much background left to go.

two elephantsNeedlepoint, so very close to done!

Lurcher 010912I will finish this for my sister in exchange for a portrait of our dog Billy, who just passed away.

Fantasy Landscape 010912Funnest XS project ever! Fantasy Landscape.

Italian Bird Tile 010912Italian Bird Tile.

Grateful Heart Band Sampler 010912Grateful Heart Band Sampler.

Celtic Bird 010912Celtic Bird.

Row of Birds french knots 010912Haven’t started this yet – it’s a french knot kit based on a hooked rug design.

bullion knots 010912This one takes a little explaining. These are my practice bullion knots. I’m really bad at them, but would love to be able to create some of the designs in A to Z of Bullions. So, the goal is 100 practice knots. Got a ways to go!


Weston’s wondering…

Why I’ve neglected the blog so long? I don’t know, baby, but it’s time to get back in the swing of things! Nice work on the French door, by the way.

Weston at the window

Weston at the window