WIPocalypse, February

January kinda sucked. There, I said it.

A bright spot is my honest-to-goodness finish of Two Elephants. Woohoo! Some blocking needs to happen, then I get to go to Triad Fabrics and pick out some trim and backing fabric for a pillow.

Two Elephants

A small bit of progress on the reindeer rug:

Reindeer rug

And I’ve started the backstitching on Fantasy Landscape. I enjoy backstitching – aside from the occasional stripped/knotted thread (which would probably happen less if I used shorter floss), it’s easy and moves fast.

Fantasy Landscape

February will be all about Fantasy Landscape, Italian Bird Tile, and hopefully finishing the Reindeer rug! It’s 65 degrees out today, I’m ready to hook a springier rug!

Thanks for the push, Measi. 🙂