WIPocalypse, March

I concentrated on three pieces and made a decent amount of progress. I’ll show the January photo, then the March photo to show maximum progress. 😉

Fantasy Landscape (January)

Fantasy Landscape 010912

Fantasy Landscape (March)

Fantasy Landscape 0312

Lower stitching is done, it’s all backstitch now. Once I finish that, I will return to the top – there is a flying zebra I haven’t even started.

Lurcher (January)

Lurcher 010912

Lurcher (March)

Lurcher needlepoint 0312

I’m doing basketweave, which makes beautiful uniform stitches but takes a lot of yarn. Last needlepoint piece I finished (Two Elephants) I did half-cross stitch, which doesn’t look as nice and I had TONS of leftover yarn. So I’m living dangerously, if I run out I’ll just have to request more from Ehrman.

Reindeer rug (January)

Reindeer rug 010812

Reindeer rug (March)

Reindeer rug 0312

Oh reindeer rug, will you ever be done? I only work on this Tuesday evenings, and we’ve been quite chatty lately at my hooking group. But seriously, it was 70 degrees out this weekend, time to wrap this one up and put it away for Christmas!


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