WIPocalypse, May

I got a lot done in April, although not all of it on my WIPs (see A Start and a Finish). I switched gears to work on the Italian Bird Tile and got a decent amount done. Top pic is from January, bottom pic is current.

Italian Bird Tile 010912

Italian Bird Tile May


A Start and a Finish

I’ve been concentrating on my WIP projects, but once in awhile something new slips in. I found a cute needlepoint “stitch & zip” glasses case that I couldn’t resist. My current clamshell style sunglasses case is comically huge – I can’t even use some of my favorite handbags because it takes up too much space, fer cryin’ out loud. I enjoy working on this kit, although I’m disappointed that it came with 6-strand embroidery floss – not the greatest coverage. On the plus side, I was able to swap out the very bright red and white for more subtle versions I already had in my floss stash:

stitch & zip glasses case

I also finished a project I started years ago in a class at Elegant Stitch. I simplified the project (it had a lot of different pieces & parts) into an elongated box top. The hardest part was finding appropriate material to put around the sides of the box. I tried different fabric and ribbon, but they all clashed with the top. Finally I found scrapbooking paper that was just right. I had fun putting together the inside of this box as well – my finishing skills need improving, but it’s not a bad first effort:

Chocolat box closed

chocolat box open