Cambria 2012

After missing Cambria last year, it was a welcome breath of fresh air (literally) to go back this year. I wasn’t in top rug hooking form – it isn’t calling to me as much as it has in the past. But the week was so delightful that it helped bring some of my mojo back.

I started every morning with a walk around Cambria Pines Lodge. I always ran into interesting wildlife – quail and deer, mostly – and made it down the hundreds of steps to town (and back up again). Then I found a cheater way back up to the lodge – still steep, but no stairs – and was welcomed by this sweet family:

Deer in Cambria

Momma and her twin fawns. Momma was on alert, but then hung around long enough for me to fumble out my iPhone and snap a couple of photos before they cavorted off.

Cambria Pines Lodge is a beautiful oasis, with their own gardens, including a vegetable garden (walled against the deer but visitors are welcome to walk through a gate to visit it). They use the produce from this garden in their restaurant, and oh boy do they feed us well!

photo of Cambria Pines Lodge garden greenhouse

So what was I working on? A project I inherited from my former rug hooking teacher. She had already done the face and big leaf, and I was having trouble getting the feel of the shading. Wound up being the perfect project to bring and have Elizabeth Black help me with. I got the front plant and rabbit’s body (mostly) done:

So now I need to decide if I keep working on this, or go back to my WIPocalypse rug hooking project…decisions, decisions!


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