WIP, November

Not a lot of stitching accomplished this month, but a number of projects have been squared away. Time to look at the WIPocalypse list and see where I will be at the end of this year:

  1. Walker bench seat (rug hooking): moving along, this will carry into next year.
  2. Lurcher (needlepoint): complete, finished, boxed and ready to ship as a birthday gift, see photo.
  3. Fantasy Landscape (xs): this will go into heavy rotation!
  4. Italian Bird tile (xs): can’t wait to pick it up from the framer’s, it will be opened Christmas morning.
  5. Grateful Heart Band Sampler (xs): back into rotation, truth is I haven’t pulled a stitch on it all year.
  6. Celtic Bird (xs): A possible contender for a finish by year end!
  7. Rows of Birds (french knot): hmm, this is just the kind of easy project I should be working on right now…

Lurcher, completed:

Lurcher, complete

Reindeer rug, ready to report for duty:

reindeer rug