Weston’s wondering…

Why I’ve neglected the blog so long? I don’t know, baby, but it’s time to get back in the swing of things! Nice work on the French door, by the way.

Weston at the window

Weston at the window


Fiona’s video

We currently have three bunnies: Hank, who has been with us for 12 years, and sisters Nora and Fiona, who have been with us since they were wee babies, five years ago.

Fiona, Nora, Hank

Fiona, Nora, Hank

Fiona’s leg, which sticks out to the side, is from an injury she received while at the shelter (she and Nora were born there, after a large-scale rescue brought in a huge number of rabbits). Her hip was dislocated, and since she was just a few days old when it happened, her muscles and tendons simply compensated. By the time I adopted them, there was no way to fix it – her body had changed too much.

Fiona is a very happy camper, and unfazed by her somewhat unconventional configuration. She runs, she jumps, she bosses me around. What has happened to her over the years, however, is that her left back leg has been shifting, and is now almost as flat as the right leg. It isn’t dislocated – we’ve taken xrays – but it is troubling, and after a talk with my vet, we are trying to come up with some sort of device that might help ease the strain on her joints, and lift her butt up a little so she isn’t putting pressure on her lower abdomen. To put the word out to the vets at K-9 Carts, I put together this video of Fiona in motion.

I’m curious to see if we are able to come up with something for her (and if she’ll put up with it).


I’m so excited – I signed up for the October Retreat at the Elegant Stitch!

I was looking into going to the EGA Annual Seminar in Chicago but that would have been extremely pricey, and at least five days away from home. That cuts into either work time or sacrificing other vacation time, so that wasn’t going to work.

But, I found out about the Elegant Stitch retreat…and part of the project is a bunny with a measuring tape that comes out of his behind (I wish more useful things came out of my real bunnies behinds – cotton balls, roses, sunshine, buttons, anything but more rabbit poo!) Anyway, it seemed like fate, so I spoke with Lois on the phone and she was delightful, and I signed right up.

And I’m at t-minus 6 days till Cambria…


Fiona came home from the vet last night – yay! She has a cyclical issue with, er, messiness that is resolved with the bunny version of a brazilian wax (of course, she is shaved, not waxed, but you get the picture). Now we get to harass her with twice daily ointment application, poor girl.

I have been playing with my Flickr account – apparently I already had one, but now it has photos uploaded to it! You can email photos to your account – how cool is that? I need to do some sorting and annotating, but right now I have a little rabbit to harass…

I Do Stitch!

I realized that my point of this blog hasn’t really come into focus yet – my needlework. As much as I love rug hooking (and am better at that than any other craft), my real interest is in needle and floss, creating detailed work. I am very excited about my upcoming Group Correspondence Class with my EGA guild, CyberStitchers. It is a Drawn Thread Sampler – definitely a challenge for me!

I will continue with the bunny stories as well. Today my little Fiona bunny is at the vet, so I am antsy until I can bring her home. Fiona has a few challenges stemming from her permanently dislocated hip. I know that sounds horrendously painful, but it happened while she was at the shelter (within the first few days of her life) and she knows no different. Her body compensated to the point that it can’t be fixed. Anyway, she has a leg that sticks out but is fully functional, more like a fin. That girl can move, though, and she’s got a ‘tude when she wants to!

fiona1.jpg I’m Fiona, dammit!

So here I go talking bunnies again! Needlework, Jill, that’s the point of this entry! Here is a link to my webshots album. Webshots no longer likes me (I can’t upload new photos) so I need a new home for my online pics…maybe Flickr.

Hi Deb!

This is a big hello to my dear friend Deb, who dealing with some heavy stuff this week. I wish her and her loved ones all the best, and I am sending positive thoughts her way.

Deb is one of the best bunny moms in the history of bunny moms. Grace and George were house rabbits with outdoor time everyday, and a yard that was full of strawberry plants just waiting to be munched.

george.jpg Is George a happy looking bunny or what!?

A Bunny Named Violet

A couple of weeks after Bonnie took the bunny, she called me. “She is getting mighty cute – you’d better come and get her before I get too attached.” The adorable little fuzzball came home with me. She was tiny – I made a cave for her in her cage out of a cloth lunchbag – and so sweet, that I named her Violet.

One thing I had to learn was that tiny rabbits can jump really high – and they are very curious. I put Violet in the bathroom while I was cleaning her cage (she was so tiny I was afraid I would lose her if I let her loose in my room). When I came to get her, her back feet and tail were all wet, and not with pee. The only thing that could of happened was that she hopped into the toilet – and luckily back out! The toilet lid remained closed after that. However, she did try her luck in the bathtub once. I was having a pleasant soak, and Violet launched herself right in. I was flattered that she wanted to be with me, but not too thrilled about the scratches on my leg and the angry bunny flicking her wet feet all over the bathroom.

Things got more interesting at about three months of age. My sweet little girl started spraying and circling my feet. She had morphed into a hormonal little boy! Neutering solved the behavior problem, but there was still the issue of his name. Instead of starting over, “Violet” was shortened to “Vi” (pronounced like the letter “v”). A good, strong name for a feisty little fellow, equal parts bossy and charming.

Chanel and Vi Vi introducing himself to Chanel the cat