More Updating

This blog is definitely making me get my online life in order. My photo saga began last week with me not being able to upload new photos to Webshots. I really liked Webshots – it was easy to use, nicely organized, and free. But, I was getting a little irritated that whenever I tried to upload jpgs, I got an “invalid file type” message. Huh? The only way to contact them was to become a paid member. So I said nuts to that and switched to Flickr.

After uploading a bunch of photos, Flickr tells me that to have more than three “sets” (albums), I have to become a paid member. I can handle paying for membership, it does only seem fair. But, if I’m going to plunk down some change, I want to make sure that I am happy with the site. So, after consulting with DH, I have settled down at Smugmug. It is not the cheapest site ($39.95/year), but the features are awesome, and the ability to choose different backgrounds appeals to the designer in me.

My Needlework album is up, and as I was typing in the captions, I took a little walk down memory lane. Does anyone remember this challenge?

I think this was from the rec.crafts.textile message board, back in ’96, ’97, ’98? The challenge was to make a badge to identify yourself as an online needleworker if you went to shows or get-togethers. That was just the beginning – look how far we’ve come, baby! I can’t even imagine what it would be like to not have my online needlework friends who are so encouraging, inspiring, and fun to hang out with…the internet astounds me.



Fiona came home from the vet last night – yay! She has a cyclical issue with, er, messiness that is resolved with the bunny version of a brazilian wax (of course, she is shaved, not waxed, but you get the picture). Now we get to harass her with twice daily ointment application, poor girl.

I have been playing with my Flickr account – apparently I already had one, but now it has photos uploaded to it! You can email photos to your account – how cool is that? I need to do some sorting and annotating, but right now I have a little rabbit to harass…