I’ve added another list to my sidebar under the WIPocalypse list. This one is called “To Complete”. In the lifecycle of needlework and rug hooking projects, once you are done with the stitching or hooking, the project is “finished”. Woohoo! You get to show it off and do a happy dance.

But then what? When does the finished work turn into a rug, pillow, framed art, eyeglass case, or whatever its final form is? How do I decide what it will be (truth be told, I actually don’t need any more needlepoint pillows). This is the sticking point for me on many, many projects. I am not alone in being a stitcher/hooker who loves the journey and is less interested in the final piece.

But to honor the work I’ve done and the time I put in, these projects need to be completed and turned into…something. Here are photos of my projects in the To Complete list:

Reindeer rug – just needs to be bound, then it will be on the floor at Christmas time (with Clark on top if it, apparently).

Two Elephants needlepoint – most obvious way to complete it would be a pillow, but I keep hoping for inspiration to strike.

Heart Doorstop – wrap it around a brick, it’s a doorstop. Easy and useful.

rug-hooked brick doorstop


Jan’s quilt – Steve’s aunt Jan gave me unfinished quilt squares that had been in her family. I’m finishing the blocks and will turn it into a lap quilt.

Jan's quilt squares

Castell Coch Monkey petit point – I’d love to do something interesting with this! I finished it a number of years ago and am still deciding what it could be.

Monkey petit-point

40’s lady needlepoint – she is my oldest finish. I love her look, what should she be…?

1940's lady needlepoint

Wombat over-one cross-stitch – he could be a bookmark, I suppose, or a little ornament.

Wombat over-one

Hare over-one cross-stitch – he will become a scissor fob.

Hare over-one

Mondrian needlepoint – this was a really fun cyber class from Napa Needlepoint. It is supposed to be an iPhone case, but I already have a case I like. This one is a mystery about how to complete it.

Mondrian needlepoint

And this is an actual complete! The bird needlepoint eyeglass case. Since it was a stich-n-zip kit, I could hardly not complete it. I lined the inside with some ultra suede.

Eyeglass case



Cameryns quilt

Cameryn's quilt

This is my first quilt in awhile…about five years, since the last one was for Kendall! I like making baby quilts that don’t scream “baby”, since there is no telling when the young ‘un will receive it. I’ve got enough deadlines in my life, I don’t need to add more!

This is all pieced and quilted in the middle (ditch), and has languished because now I need to quilt the border, and that involves planning and math, and a strong possibility of getting it wrong. But maybe today is the day…



I’m almost done with the stitching on Chocolat (there are two more medallions rolled over the top of the frame). This will make a needlebox, and is from a class I took from Elegant Stitch back in the fall of 07. The finishing of this project is going to be a challenge. I have simplified it from the original design. It was beautiful and complex, but I really want it to be something I use, so I streamlined it. We’ll see how it comes out.

Fantasy Landscape

Fantasy Landscape

Two Elephants

Two Elephants

X stitch and needlepoint projects I am chugging away on. Both with animal themes, of course.

Mille Fleur

Miller Fleur front

Miller Fleur front

Mille Fleur interior

Mille Fleur interior

The is the completed Mille Fleur needlcase, which is now in service! It resides in the Two Elephants project bag, and inspires me to make needlecases for each project…

I like things to be sturdy, so this needlecase has a lot of layers. I used thick cardboard inside, then covered the cardboard with some stiff mesh I had – I think it is used in making hats. Liberal glue + time + bulldog clips…and I have a very sturdy needlecase! Because of the stiffness, I had to work each “page” (inside front and inside back) separately. I tried to put a single piece of wool across the entire interior, but the push was too great – it caused a big fold in the wool. So, each page is it’s own piece of hand-dyed wool. Under the wool on the front page is the tie ribbon, and a flat rare-earth magnet, which is why the scissors “hover” – they are actually quite secure.

As much as I like to collect them, I don’t use too many gadgets. Scissors, pins, needles and my fiber hiders and I’m good to go! I got the gold bee fiber hiders specifically for this needlecase, and thought long and hard about how to keep them secure. I finally decided on a pocket made from some beautiful wide midnight blue ribbon I had, got out the sewing machine and sewed it up right on the first try!

The other trick I used on this is lots of terrifically tacky tape. This stuff is indespensible if you are using see-through or delicate ribbon that will not take glue well. I taped down the hider pocket, the ribbon down the interior spine, and the ribbon between the pocket and little wool pages (far right). To tape that ribbon down, I made it long and taped it under the wool, to the mesh/cardboard underneath.

The gods were with me on this project, I tell ya. I was puzzling it out as I went, burning brain power, and in the end, it looked pretty good!

First Post of ’09

Happy New Year! Not much crafting news to report, except for the unfortunate exit of my rug hooking teacher to another state. I am really going to miss my Tuesday nights with the girls…we are hoping to be able to resurrect it somehow.

I updated my 10 project list and am looking forward to moving through it. Yes, I am aware there are only 7 items listed, I consider 10 to be the project cap. Less is OK, more is too much to wrap my head around.


These are recent (as in, 2008) completes. They could be called finishes, but that term is also used when just the stitching is done, so to avoid confusion I will try consistently to call them completes.

This is my first and only Teresa Wentzler. Her designs are gorgeous, but a little tedious to create because of all the 1/4 and 1/2 stitches and all the color blending. Maybe someday I will have the necessary patience (and brainpower) required to do another…anyway, I finished Stretch into a long lavendar sachet. I had a lot of fun with the border – I twisted, stitched and wrapped a bunch of funky fibers together to form a loose cording. The picture below shows that better, along with the tail that I added beads and charms to…I”m getting into this beading thing, I think this was my first attempt.

My next complete is the W Arabesque, which now hangs on the dining room wall. I’m very happy with the framing job.

I got this framed at the same time. It now hangs on my salon wall in the craft room:

My last complete is my little mermaid jewelry box. I bought the canvas, fibers and box in Cambria in June at Flying Fuzzies. She was a fun, quick project – I enjoyed working with the glittery fibers in her hair and tail. I considered putting beads in her tail, but they just stuck way up and looked odd.

Big ‘Ole List

I have been doing a much better job of finishing projects than I have been about blogging. Here is a list of finishes I need to photograph and post:

– Mermaid jewelry box

– Unicorn needlepoint

– Castle Coch Monkey needlepoint

– Stretch door hanger

– “W” Arabesque, framed

– Bunny Sampler, framed

– 4 hooked/felted sachets

– 1 felted Halloween doorhanger (that has gone on to its intended recipient)

– random beaded fobs (because I needed a new hobby)

And I need to throw in a few posts about current WIPs. My 10 project list that I started…2 years ago is down to its final piece. Although, I see here on my blog it has morphed into a 5 project list and I still have a few to go. No problem-o, and I might as well make it a true 10 project list again, anyway!


Heh, I just realized my post from May was unpublished, so now it’s up but out of date!

Lots of crafty things to talk about, as soon as I get some photos done…