Cambria 2012

After missing Cambria last year, it was a welcome breath of fresh air (literally) to go back this year. I wasn’t in top rug hooking form – it isn’t calling to me as much as it has in the past. But the week was so delightful that it helped bring some of my mojo back.

I started every morning with a walk around Cambria Pines Lodge. I always ran into interesting wildlife – quail and deer, mostly – and made it down the hundreds of steps to town (and back up again). Then I found a cheater way back up to the lodge – still steep, but no stairs – and was welcomed by this sweet family:

Deer in Cambria

Momma and her twin fawns. Momma was on alert, but then hung around long enough for me to fumble out my iPhone and snap a couple of photos before they cavorted off.

Cambria Pines Lodge is a beautiful oasis, with their own gardens, including a vegetable garden (walled against the deer but visitors are welcome to walk through a gate to visit it). They use the produce from this garden in their restaurant, and oh boy do they feed us well!

photo of Cambria Pines Lodge garden greenhouse

So what was I working on? A project I inherited from my former rug hooking teacher. She had already done the face and big leaf, and I was having trouble getting the feel of the shading. Wound up being the perfect project to bring and have Elizabeth Black help me with. I got the front plant and rabbit’s body (mostly) done:

So now I need to decide if I keep working on this, or go back to my WIPocalypse rug hooking project…decisions, decisions!


Weston’s wondering…

Why I’ve neglected the blog so long? I don’t know, baby, but it’s time to get back in the swing of things! Nice work on the French door, by the way.

Weston at the window

Weston at the window

Some Finishes

No photos yet, I’m still recovering from Run for the Buns yesterday, and too many work projects rattling around in my head.

From my 10 project list, I have finished the Crow House punchneedle. Gail Bird came to the Guild last month, and getting further instruction was just what I needed to finish the project (and do a better job). I also completed my Mille Fleur needlecase – that is worth it’s own post to come.

All energies now need to go into the mermaid rug…

Easy Sunday

Work has been pretty intense lately, which of course means there is no time for the gym, which of course means my pants are now tight. Oh, the humanity! I just did Jillian Michael’s 30 Day Shred video – whew, that outta make a difference (if I do it everyday for thirty days, that is. And stop eating pie).

I’ve been plugging along with my crafting projects, some old, some new. I decided to not complete my second GCC, Finishing with Flair. It just wasn’t happening. The main reason I wanted to take the course was to learn to lace (for framing pieces). Then I just ordered some Kreinik archival mounting tape, so…yeah.

My Unicorn needlepoint is so close to done, and I am running out of the green background. Luckily, I had the same color from my Rabbit cushion needlepoint, but unluckily it is slightly to dark. Luckily, Ehrman Tapestry will supply more wool to finish a kit, but unluckily, this kit is from 1993 so the chances they have the same dyelot are pretty nonexistent. Stay tuned…

I am also thisclose to finishing the binding on my goat rug, I made my one and only Teresa Wentzler piece into a door hanger, and I’m felting away on my little hooked bird pieces. And, I am turning one wall in my craft room into a salon-style gallery. I’d better start taking some photos

So Close

I did a big push on my Arabesques cross stitch yesterday – I am so close to done! I easily could have finished it today, but decided to redo the bookshelves instead (who could resist the excitement!?) Four hours later, they are done and look great, and there is a pile of books ready to go to the used book store. This afternoon we were invited to a wine tasting event in Clarksburg. It was on the grounds of a beautiful house, the weather was perfect, and the wine was really good – some wineries we will definitely have to look out for. So am I ready to buckle down and count threads tonight? Yeah right, if I hadn’t had that final taste of Muscat…

Yeah, September!

I am always glad when fall rolls around. The weather starts to get bearable (although we’ve had a gorgeous summer with the exception of this past 100 degree week!), and things feel like they are in full swing.

I had a great visit with my dad and stepmom a couple of weeks ago. Dad and I spent the weekend in his garage woodworking shop. I had bought a small fold-down footstool at Cambria in June, shown here:


Very handy for rug hooking but kinda…homely. My dad has a beautiful sense of style and knows how to work with wood, so we are creating a mahogany/ebony version with rare earth magnets to click the legs into the standing position. It’s gonna be the Cadillac version, and because of the heavy, dense woods we used, it’s kinda like the Escallade version. A little counterintuitive to the portability, but it will be quite the regal throne for my feet at camp. I told dad to expect lots of orders once I show that baby off. I’ll post pics here when it’s done, but my master woodworker is taking some time off in Italy – the nerve!

Back in the Swing…or not

So, I was out of town the first week of June, DH was gone a couple of weeks ago, my in-laws are in town for a few weeks…yep, it’s summer, and I haven’t been able to get my stitching rhythm back all month!

It’s all been good stuff, and it’s fun to have a break in the routine. On Saturday we are having a bbq here, which means an intensive week of making the house and backyard presentable. But, that seems to be the only way we get it done – under a deadline. You will note that I didn’t mention the 4th…that’s because we have no plans! We are always caught out on the 4th, and the town celebration (held on the 3rd) we used to go to with friends has been cancelled – it got too big for the location, so they have to figure out where to hold it in the future.

So, as much as I wish Wednesday would be a day of crafting, I have a feeling it is going to be a day of changing out the bunny rug in the kitchen. The kitchen has gone from smelling faintly like a barn (not too bad, really) to smelling like the great ape house at the zoo (that ain’t good). Technically the buns are litterbox trained, but with three of them in there, there is always a pissing contest, and I mean that quite literally.

Speaking of the bunnies, I need to update their stories – I started on that and then trailed off, so I will try to post more shortly.

Happy Independence Day, everyone!