WIPocalypse, May

I got a lot done in April, although not all of it on my WIPs (see A Start and a Finish). I switched gears to work on the Italian Bird Tile and got a decent amount done. Top pic is from January, bottom pic is current.

Italian Bird Tile 010912

Italian Bird Tile May


A Start and a Finish

I’ve been concentrating on my WIP projects, but once in awhile something new slips in. I found a cute needlepoint “stitch & zip” glasses case that I couldn’t resist. My current clamshell style sunglasses case is comically huge โ€“ I can’t even use some of my favorite handbags because it takes up too much space, fer cryin’ out loud. I enjoy working on this kit, although I’m disappointed that it came with 6-strand embroidery floss โ€“ not the greatest coverage. On the plus side, I was able to swap out the very bright red and white for more subtle versions I already had in my floss stash:

stitch & zip glasses case

I also finished a project I started years ago in a class at Elegant Stitch. I simplified the project (it had a lot of different pieces & parts) into an elongated box top. The hardest part was finding appropriate material to put around the sides of the box. I tried different fabric and ribbon, but they all clashed with the top. Finally I found scrapbooking paper that was just right. I had fun putting together the inside of this box as well โ€“ my finishing skills need improving, but it’s not a bad first effort:

Chocolat box closed

chocolat box open

WIPocalypse, April

I almost didn’t post this month, with not a lot of progress to show. But the WIPocalypse has been so inspirational I decided to go ahead and share.

Biggest finish for April – the reindeer rug. It still needs to be bound, but it has already been claimed by Clark. I like his enthusiastic appreciation!

‘Atta boy, Clark. Work those blond hairs in!

Also small progress on Lurcher and Fantasy Landscape backstitching. I keep these away from Clark.

Thanks for viewing!

WIPocalypse, March

I concentrated on three pieces and made a decent amount of progress. I’ll show the January photo, then the March photo to show maximum progress. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Fantasy Landscape (January)

Fantasy Landscape 010912

Fantasy Landscape (March)

Fantasy Landscape 0312

Lower stitching is done, it’s all backstitch now. Once I finish that, I will return to the top – there is a flying zebra I haven’t even started.

Lurcher (January)

Lurcher 010912

Lurcher (March)

Lurcher needlepoint 0312

I’m doing basketweave, which makes beautiful uniform stitches but takes a lot of yarn. Last needlepoint piece I finished (Two Elephants) I did half-cross stitch, which doesn’t look as nice and I had TONS of leftover yarn. So I’m living dangerously, if I run out I’ll just have to request more from Ehrman.

Reindeer rug (January)

Reindeer rug 010812

Reindeer rug (March)

Reindeer rug 0312

Oh reindeer rug, will you ever be done? I only work on this Tuesday evenings, and we’ve been quite chatty lately at my hooking group. But seriously, it was 70 degrees out this weekend, time to wrap this one up and put it away for Christmas!

WIPocalypse, February

January kinda sucked. There, I said it.

A bright spot is my honest-to-goodness finish of Two Elephants. Woohoo! Some blocking needs to happen, then I get to go to Triad Fabrics and pick out some trim and backing fabric for a pillow.

Two Elephants

A small bit of progress on the reindeer rug:

Reindeer rug

And I’ve started the backstitching on Fantasy Landscape. I enjoy backstitching – aside from the occasional stripped/knotted thread (which would probably happen less if I used shorter floss), it’s easy and moves fast.

Fantasy Landscape

February will be all about Fantasy Landscape, Italian Bird Tile, and hopefully finishing the Reindeer rug! It’s 65 degrees out today, I’m ready to hook a springier rug!

Thanks for the push, Measi. ๐Ÿ™‚

Let the WIPocalypse begin!

I may be starting a month late, but at least I’ve got organization on my side. I mutated my 10 Project Challenge list into my WIPocalypse list (see sidebar). All projects are cataloged, photographed and ready to be called to duty:
Reindeer rug 010812The reindeer rug is so close to done I can taste it! I only rug hook on Tuesday evenings, so I’m still a few weeks out from being done. I’m not doing the outside border.

Walker bench seatAlso rug hooking, this is a bench seat. Sooo much background left to go.

two elephantsNeedlepoint, so very close to done!

Lurcher 010912I will finish this for my sister in exchange for a portrait of our dog Billy, who just passed away.

Fantasy Landscape 010912Funnest XS project ever! Fantasy Landscape.

Italian Bird Tile 010912Italian Bird Tile.

Grateful Heart Band Sampler 010912Grateful Heart Band Sampler.

Celtic Bird 010912Celtic Bird.

Row of Birds french knots 010912Haven’t started this yet – it’s a french knot kit based on a hooked rug design.

bullion knots 010912This one takes a little explaining. These are my practice bullion knots. I’m really bad at them, but would love to be able to create some of the designs in A to Z of Bullions. So, the goal is 100 practice knots. Got a ways to go!